Pathotrak’s Next Generation Enrichment Technology

The bottleneck for faster food safety testing in the lab is the sample preparation step known as enrichment. During enrichment, the food sample is mixed with bacterial nutrients and incubated for at least 22 hours to allow the amount of bacteria to increase to detectable levels. Rapid detection using molecular methods such as qPCR adds 1-2 hours of testing time, bringing the total time to results to 24 hours.

Faster results, no shortcuts. Pathotrak’s rapid solution replaces the traditional 22 hour enrichment and integrates with the detection system of your choice.

Next Generation Enrichment meets and exceeds the pathogen sensitivity and exclusivity of traditional enrichment according to the requirements of FDA and USDA regulations.

Our process consists of a short sample incubation followed by microbial separation and concentration. These steps are based on Pathotrak’s patent-pending breakthroughs in microfiltration & elutriation, mechanical engineering, and chemistry & nano-filtration technology.


Pathotrak’s solution replaces enrichment seamlessly, it is compatible with your PCR system, without altering the workflow in the lab.

Instead of enriching the sample in a traditional enrichment bag, you do it in Pathotrak’s disposable Next-Generation bags. After the required enrichment, simply put the bag in Pathotrak’s instrument, and after 10 minutes you will recover 1 mL of liquid containing the bacteria. Centrifuge the sample down, discard the supernatant, and introduce the cells into the PCR, LAMP, or other detection method vial.

The total time from sample to results is the fastest AOAC-accredited (USDA and FDA-compliant) method on the market.


The success of our vision will create a paradigm shift in food safety, saving billions of dollars in recalls and reducing the holding costs of food production. Moreover, getting product to retailer’s shelves a day earlier can reduce up to 50% food waste, resulting in potential annual savings of trillions of gallons of water and yearly reductions of billions of pounds of methane and greenhouse gases.

AOAC Accreditation

Pathotrak has made history! As of February 25th, 2022 Pathotrak’s first product has been certified by the AOAC as the first technology to deliver pathogen detection for leafy greens in less than an 8-hour shift. AOAC certified that our method is equivalent to the 3-4 day FDA standard method. Click here to view/download the certificate.