‘A world free of foodborne illness’



Pathotrak’s mission is to enable a world with fresher, safer food and make food outbreaks a thing of the past. Our approach is to eliminate food safety risks in the food industry by delivering the right technologies at the right price, technologies that will save costs for producers, time for food-safety labs, and most importantly, technologies that will save lives.


The original invention stems from the microfluidic research developed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the University of Maryland, College Park.  A group leader at NIST coming from the FDA recognized and encouraged the importance of the work to expedite foodborne pathogen detection, and dubbed it as the potential solution to the “100 years problem in food-safety microbial detection.” That work led to Pathotrak’s first patent, which became the 2015 Best Invention in life Sciences at the University of Maryland, (link).

Since then, the team has developed a portfolio of new inventions focused on expediting food safety tests tailored to different food matrices, sample sizes, and pathogens.

The Team

We are experts in mechanical and bioengineering, chemistry, microbiology, food safety, and bringing products to market. We are driven as a team to advance the food safety industry, revolutionize the logistics of food, and eliminate outbreaks.